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B.Sc. (Hons), P.G. Dip., P.G. Cert., MACP - Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

Information for Parents

Children may experience emotional troubles at any age and this can be very worrying to parents. Behaviour may be difficult to understand or manage, school work and friendships may suffer, and most importantly of all, parents may feel that their child is unhappy and not enjoying life.

Sometimes troubles from the first weeks and months of life can lie hidden and emerge in teenage years, a hard-enough stage of life for any child. Young people can particularly benefit from a "talking treatment" at this time. We now understand from research into neurological development that adolescence is a time of great growth and progress towards brain maturity. As well as making life quite difficult for some young people and their families, this can also be a time of opportunity for change.

As a psychotherapist, Judith Golberg has a special interest in working children with learning disabilities and/or autistic spectrum disorder; children who have been in the care system or have suffered early trauma such as neonatal medical problems; and parents with very young children.

She can offer consultation and treatment flexibly as appropriate to your needs. Following a telephone discussion about your child's needs, an initial appointment will be offered promptly. Sessions last for 50 minutes and work can be offered over a shorter or longer period of time, for example:

Brief consultation to parents of 1 to 3 sessions to help clarify and understand difficulties;

Psychotherapeutic initial assessment of children with short treatment of 3 to 8 sessions, most consultation with parents and very young children fits into this style of working;

Longer term parenting support with meetings at regular intervals, for example fortnightly or monthly;

Longer term psychoanalytic psychotherapy with children with weekly (or more frequent) sessions over two or more terms.

There is a leaflet for parents available to download from the ACP website which gives a broader picture of the work of child psychotherapists as well as responses from parents and children who have been in treatment.

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