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B.Sc. (Hons), P.G. Dip., P.G. Cert., MACP - Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

Information for Young People

The ups and downs of teenage life can be hard to manage for anyone, in the best of circumstances. It is a time of life when feelings can be overwhelming and you may really not feel as if you're in control any more.

Your parents may be worried about you and things may not be going well at home or at school. Talking about problems doesn't magically make them go away, but often talking can be the first step in making changes that will help to make things different.

Ms Judith Golberg has helped lots of young people to manage better and to feel better about life. Just the parents doing some work with Ms Golberg best helps some families, sometimes young people need to have their own sessions.

Sessions last 50 minutes and it's a chance for you to talk, or not. Ms Golberg works by listening to you, whatever it is you want to say, even if you find it hard to talk about feelings and worries. Some young people find the quiet times in sessions most helpful.

Ms Golberg will help you and your parents decide what's best for you.

The Youngminds website has some information and links for children and young people which you might find interesting or helpful:

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